Operation Inform

SUNYCAP Operation Inform Fall 2019 Schedule:


The Fall 2019 Operation Inform schedule will be released later this Spring.


** Campuses will be invoiced directly by SUNYCAP.  The last day that campuses can receive refunds for OpInform cancellations is Friday, September 13.  After that date, if a campus does not attend an OpInform they have already registered for, they will be required to pay regardless of attendance. **


Mission Statement 

Develop and maintain a system of professional communication and dialogue among admissions professionals, with the guidance community. The Operation Inform series provides an opportunity for school counselors and SUNY admission representatives to discuss what's new and different and current issues and concerns. It is to serve as a professional forum for discussion of admission policies and procedures with the guidance community. Work jointly with System Administration in the best interest of guidance counseling community, applicants and the University. The entire purpose of these series is to educate everyone involved in SUNY as a whole.

The committee also has taken a new role in developing workshops that will give the same message throughout the state. It has put more responsibility on the committee, but it has allowed us the opportunity to increase the quality of the Operation Inform series each year.

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